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Frequently asked questions

Where can I collect my campervan?

If you are traveling by plane you can take a short train ride (5 min) from Oslo Airport to Eidsvoll Verk train station and then you call for a taxi for 200 NOK. The taxi number is +47 03550. The location is Bønsbakken 90, 2073 Bøn.

Insurance & Damage

If the insurance needs to be used due to damage or accident on camper their is insurance fee of 10 000 NOK. Minor damages under 10 000nok on the camper will be billed accordingly.  Some travel insurances and credit cards will cover deposit charge and the damage fee.

Pick-up and return of campervan

Pick-up earliest at 3 pm. Return of campervan no later then 12 am(noon). Any returns after 12 am will be charged 350 NOK per additional hour if nothing else is agreed.

Age limit and driving license

The driver needs to be at least 21 years old and have a valid drivers license. 


You can use PayPal for reservation deposit or wire transfer. We also provide bank terminal on site. 


To book a campervan please contact us here or make a booking. Minimum 4 days rent.

Reservation deposit

When booking a campervan you will be paying 50% of the total rental amount. This 50% is the reservation deposit. At arrival for picking the camper the additional 50% amount for rent will be paid, Reservation deposit not refundable if cancelled.


If your campervan breaks down you will get road side assistance that will transport you to the closest mechanic workshop at no charge. We will cover the expenses when you return. In high season there can be low availability for mechanics if a break down occurs and a fix can't be expected the same day. We are available on phone for technical support 24/7.

Equipment issues

If you have questions or problems with your campervan you can call us 24/7 to get assistance. Direct number for road side assistance is 06000.

Electricity and charging options

All campervans are equipped with leisure battery which means you can charge small electronics and run the diesel heater. You are not dependent on electricity from driving or a camping site. You can also connect the campervan to a 230V line.

How far can I drive each day?

You can drive 200km per day. Exceeding this will cost 3,5 NOK per km.

How many people can sleep in the campervan?

Each campervans have four seats and two beds. The upper beds fits better for children rather then grown ups.

How about heat sources in the campervans?

Each campervans have diesel heaters that uses the leisure battery. This will keep you warm at night. If you are camping at a camping site you can use the 230V heater fan.

Where to camp?

Common places can be camping sites that charges a fee and fri-camping. We recommend you download park4night if you want to find free camp spots. You can also read our blogpost about the Norwegian right to roam the countryside here for more information about camping in Norway. 

Warning lights instrument

Oil lamp & charging lamp will light up in the instrument panel as soon as you switch on the ignition. When you start the engine lights will go off.


Does the oil lamp appear when the engine is running turn the engine off immediately so the engine doesn't take damage.


Coolant lamp will show if there is too little coolant in the coolant tank or if the engine is overheating.

Kitchen Utensils

All campers have fully equipped kitchen for 4x persons. All campers have a small fridge.

Clear/grey water tank

The size of the clear/grey water tanks depends on the camper. The sizes ranges from 20L to 40L.

Are pillows and blankets included?

The camper will be delivered without pillows and blankets if it isn't ordered as accessories.

Storage options

Depending on the van you are renting there will be different storage options. High top campers have more storage for luggage than pop-up campers. You can watch our walkthroughs of each campervan here for more information about storage. 

Toll payment

All campers have an automatic toll system. Toll fees will be charges after the rental period is over.

Did you not get the answer you were looking for?

Feel free to contact us for more information.

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