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10 places to visit on the west coast of Norway

1. Måløy

Måløy is the home to one of the most beautiful natural beaches in Norway, Refviksanden. The beach is located 10 km from the city of Måløy, and is approximately 1,5 km long. Due to heavy storms and winds in the area, all the houses in Refvik have a thick stone wall on one side to protect them from being blown on the sea. We recommend staying at Refvik camping at least one night. The camping site is located right at the beach, making it the perfect view for amazing sunsets.

Red campervan parked at the beach with sunset

2. Hardangerfjorden

Hardangerfjorden is the 2nd largest fjord in Norway. This makes Hardanger the perfect place to explore authentic Norwegian nature. The area is filled with magical mountains, waterfalls and is even the home to Norway's third largest glacier, Folgefonna. If you want to challenge yourself, the unique and famous mountain hike, Trolltunga, is located near Odda. Trolltunga is one of the most spectacular mountain formations in Norway. It takes takes approximately 10 hours to hike, and is 14,5 km long. If you want to hike Trolltunga, we recommend camping the campervan close by.

3. Lærdal

Lærdal is located at the end of Norway's longest fjord, Sognefjorden. It is known for its dramatic mountains, and Borgund stave church. The Stave church is the best preserved stave church in Norway, and was originally created in the 1180. We would also recommend to take a walk in Gamle Lærdalsøyri, a small village located right next to the fjord. The village has over a hundred wooden houses from the 1700s and 1800s. If you want to park the campervan at a campsite for the night, Lærdal Ferie-og Fritidspark is located very close to the village and the fjord.

Campervan in Lærdal, Norway with sognefjorden in the background

4. Bremangerlandet

Bremangerlandet is an island south of Måløy. The island is mostly known for their beautiful beach called Grotlesanden, located at the far end of the island towards the Atlantic Ocean. Vetvika is another unique paradise located in bremangerlandet. This beach requires you to hike over the mountains for approximately 3 hours, but is secretly known as the most beautiful place on earth.

5. Loen

Loen is a known tourist area and for good reason. The area has magnificent nature, especially Lovatnet, a small lake located a few minutes from Loen with beautiful turquoise waters. You can even take short trip to Birkedalsbreen, which is probably the easiest glacier to hike in Norway.

If you want to park the campervan at a camping site in Loen, we would recommend booking a spot in advance. We stayed at Sande Camping, which offers many activities, such as kayak and boat rental.

Campervan at Lovatnet

6. Atlanterhavsveien

The Atlantic road is probably one of the most scenic and impressive roads in Norway. The road connects the mainland over islands, islets and reefs with 8 bridges and 8 km. The Guardian state that Atlanterhavsveien is the most beautiful car journey in the middle of the sky and the ocean. It was also named the worlds finest car journey in 2007. In other words, we would definitely recommend driving across it if you are in the area.

7. Hoddevik

Hoddevik is definitely a surfers paradise, even in the winter months. Here, you can walk barefoot on the white beach while watching people surf into the sunset. You can even try surfing yourself at Lapoint surf camp, which offers beginner and advanced surfing lessons. Hoddevik is ranked as one of the 10th best surfing locations in the world by The Guardian due to the large and majestic mountains surrounding the beach, making it a very unique location. The road to Hoddevik is also very beautiful, but be aware of the hairpin turns (hårnålsvingene), which are very sharp and may a challenge to manage in the high season.

Red campervan on the road to Hoddevik

8. Åndalsnes

Åndalsnes is the perfect place to visit if you want to explore Norway outside of the campervan. Get ready for an active day, this city is known for amazing climbing and mountain hiking. The famous hike Rampestreken is short and steep, and takes around an hour with a spectacular lookout point at the top. Another amazing mountain hike is Romsdalseggen. This hike, on the other hand, is 10 km long, and takes around 7 hours to complete. You can even climb this hike via ferrata if you are brave enough.


Geiranger is definitely the most famous villages and fjords in Norway. If you ask us, it is also one of the most beautiful fjords, as it truly stands out from the crowd. We recommend taking a boat trip through the fjords to visit the seven sisters waterfalls and learn about the historic farms operating in unique and extreme conditions. Flydalsjuvet is located 4 km above the village and is probably one of the most photographed tourist locations in Norway and for good reason. The lookout point has an incredible view of the fjord, and can easily be traveled to by foot or campervan. The village has four camping sites to choose from. We recommend staying at one of the camping sites as the locals dislike people camping off grid.

Campervan in Geiranger, Norway

10. Trollstigen

Trollstigen is one of the most visited tourist roads in Norway. The road is located between Geiranger and Åndalsnes, making it the perfect road trip stop. It has the most impressive and scenic hairpin turns alongside the most impressive steep mountains. Make sure to stop at trollstigen platform to get an amazing view of the road.

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